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Remembering the Schoolhouse(s) Known as “Bell Ridge” in the Morrison City area of North Kingsport, Tennessee

There are three main places where children form their identity (or at least they used to): 1. Their home, 2. Their church, and 3. Their school. Bell Ridge Elementary was a school built to serve people of the northwest corner … Continue reading

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A Song of Unity from Long Ago

A man was enjoying the freedom found in the wilderness of the young nation of America. He was living any way he wanted to, not having a moral compass, but doing what he wanted, when he wanted, regardless of any … Continue reading

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Beautiful Hills of Home

It’s a song about Ralph and Carter Stanley, the iconic Bluegrass men from the Clinch Mountains of Virginia (well, actually Sandy Ridge over in Dickenson County, but I’m not going to fuss about that right now). Hearing Ralph, the second, … Continue reading

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When Your Family Tree Becomes All Hung Up

There are several places up my family tree where I’m completely stuck when it comes to figuring out the preceding generation. Some of these places will continue to be dead ends since documents just don’t exist. Others are possible to … Continue reading

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“The Storms are on the Ocean” as a Metaphor for Homesickness

The iconic Carter Family of Country Music origins (A. P., Sarah, and “Mother” Maybelle) were known for their classic songs. “The Storms are on the Ocean” is one of them. I have been dabbling in autoharp playing for a while … Continue reading

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“Excuse Me, May I Look Inside Your Biscuit?”

First, let me admit, I come from a pretty crazy family. Awesome, but crazy people. I saw Uncle Bob not long ago and he reminded me of this story I’ve heard my dad tell multiple times through the years. Since … Continue reading

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The Woman Who Stabbed Her Brother and Packed It Off On Her Husband

Papaw Scott tried to warn me. He said, “if you keep poking around up the family tree, you might find something you don’t want to know.” Which, can I be honest? It just made me poke around all the more. … Continue reading

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