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When Your Family Tree Becomes All Hung Up

There are several places up my family tree where I’m completely stuck when it comes to figuring out the preceding generation. Some of these places will continue to be dead ends since documents just don’t exist. Others are possible to … Continue reading

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What Do You Do with a DNA Test?

Some genealogists I have contacted over the years have begged me to succumb to the request to do a DNA test.  I resisted for a long time.  I’m still not entirely sure I believe the supposed science involved.  For a … Continue reading

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A Trip to Old Salem

Moravians are a small denomination of Christians from the pietistic tradition who began as a protestant group in and around Bohemia and Moravia in Europe (specifically in modern day Czech Republic).  Founded around 1457, they, of course, were met with … Continue reading

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Faces from the Past: Smith and Related Lines

My maternal grandfather was a Smith.  Smith is about as common as sedge grass, so it is important to be more descriptive.  I see this line as the humble side of our family, (although there are exceptions to that rule). … Continue reading

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All That Glitters . . .: Aunt Jennie and the Beginning of the Gold Rush

They had just run the Indians off the land.  It was the late 1830s.  The mountains of north Georgia were soon overrun with people looking for gold.  Aurora was built up on the fortunes of the gold hunters.  A little … Continue reading

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