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Remembering the Schoolhouse(s) Known as “Bell Ridge” in the Morrison City area of North Kingsport, Tennessee

There are three main places where children form their identity (or at least they used to): 1. Their home, 2. Their church, and 3. Their school. Bell Ridge Elementary was a school built to serve people of the northwest corner … Continue reading

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Pappaw’s Irises

He would be over 100 years old if he was still living.  He’s been gone 17 years. James Robert Smith was born in a little house near McKenzie Branch, near the Galloway home, on a farm with two high, steep … Continue reading

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Disappearing Towns: Morrison City

I was raised on the Virginia side of an unincorporated community by the name of Morrison City.  It was a small village to the north of Kingsport, Tennessee, which was built up in the 1930s and 40s as a “bedroom … Continue reading

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