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The Appalachian Region Has Died. Long Live Appalachia!

I truly believe that there is a source of grace that will bring hope once again out of the despair of Appalachia. God has not abandoned us. Continue reading

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We all have them. They remind us of pain from some event in our lives, whether an accident, a battle, a lesson learned, or a love lost. What am I talking about?  Well, scars. I own one near my right … Continue reading

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Something About . . .

Something about a mountain stream, how with crooked path it weaves a string of green foliage through a wooded hillside, how with babbling sound it pacifies those who walk by it, how it patiently wears down a rock over centuries. … Continue reading

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Mrs. Lawhorn and Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum

One of my earliest memories in my home church was going down stairs to the Sunday School which was held in the basement as our church had burned the year before I was born and they were rebuilding when I … Continue reading

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Popcorn Factory, near North fork of the Holston, Scott Co, VA

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The View

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Looking around the Bend

Only a few living people know about Egypt, Tater Knob and Chicken Ridge.  Very few know that the Galloway house used to stand up the hollow from this home.  A select few have received peanut butter candy from Grandmother Smith, … Continue reading

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Pressing Matters

Having recently joined an organization that exists to save a particular species of trees, the American Chestnut, I thought how odd that their main product on their online store are books.  Then I remembered that it was once said in … Continue reading

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