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Labor Day: Celebration of Working People

As flags go up around the town where I’m living in 2018 in Georgia, I can’t help but reflect on the people who raised me and the work ethic they exhibited. Labor Day is a good excuse to celebrate them. … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Smokies

Vacations were not something we enjoyed a lot in my youth.  Getting my Dad to take us all somewhere was a challenge.  But once in a while we got to go. The first time I ever went to the Great … Continue reading

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Things a 50-Year Old Baby Boomer Remembers (A List)

The Kendalls Ferrante and Teicher Laugh-in (Verrrrry Interesting!!!!) Polyester Leisure Suits Nixon’s Five-oclock shadow George C Scott refusing his Oscar for “Patton” Eight-track tapes Hair dyers with tubes and plastic caps Mallow cups Bra-burning Kent State Vietnam Making coffee with … Continue reading

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A List of Things I’m Thankful for

This week there’s been plenty of attention on shoppers getting carried away with bargains that went into effect on Thanksgiving Day.  Someone stabbed someone over a parking place right here in Tazewell County, Virginia about thirty minutes away from my … Continue reading

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We all have them. They remind us of pain from some event in our lives, whether an accident, a battle, a lesson learned, or a love lost. What am I talking about?  Well, scars. I own one near my right … Continue reading

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The Fog of Memory

Memories are kept alive by sharing them.  It is interesting that some get passed along and others forgotten. Being a genealogist, I have uncovered several stories that were lost in the fog of memory.  These were not passed along to … Continue reading

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