A Conversation that didn’t Go Well

There’s this point of time after dinner when you’re sitting around, satisfying yourself that you’re full, and trying to hold conversation.  This is the time of day when my uncles and my dad would start this old story:

There was this man having dinner at this old woman’s house.  She was hard of hearing.  She did like we always do, and asked the fellow if he wanted anything else.

He responded:  “O, I’ve eaten sufficient.”  

The woman, trying to understand him, with hand to ear says:  “Eh?  You’ve been a-fishing?”

The man, trying to clarify his words says, a little louder this time, “No, I’ve had plenty!”

The woman, still bewildered, but thinking she knows what’s going on says, “And you caught twenty?”

Then the man, realizing what he was up against says, “You poor, old soul.”

The woman, leans forward, hand on ear and says:  “And you broke your pole?”

The story usually ends there, but I’m told it can continue with “You old fool!”  “You fished in a pool?”

I guess it can go on from there, you make up your own ending.  My uncles and dad would wheeze and laugh, grinning the whole time, like they’d gotten something over on somebody.

Family.  It’s kind of weird sometimes.


About Brad Scott

An Appalachian CrossFitter who loves Jesus and is happily married to Tammie. I have a son and a fine little grandson. In the peak of middle age, trying to figure out the rest of this journey.
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