A Palm Sunday Prayer

Exalted King, humble Savior, O Blessed One, you entered the Holy City with prophetic signs, with shouts, and in faithful obedience to your Divine purpose:  Grant us grace, Lord Jesus, to worship you this day as King, to see in your humility the Way to exultation, to see in your suffering the path to salvation.  May we be enabled to wait and watch as Holy Week unfolds, remembering the significance of each detail of your life as touchstones of our faith.  And, by your Holy Spirit, may we be filled anew with an assurance that by your stripes we are healed.  In the glorious power of your blessed Name we pray.  Amen.


About Brad Scott

An Appalachian CrossFitter who loves Jesus and is happily married to Tammie. I have a son and a fine little grandson. In the peak of middle age, trying to figure out the rest of this journey.
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